Invisalign® is a clear alignment system which is used to straighten teeth more predictably and comfortably than other aligners and braces. Your treatment is carried out by a qualified dentist, and you have face-to-face appointments regularly to ensure that your treatment is proceeding as planned. It is completely discreet and virtually pain-free, people won’t even realise you’re having your teeth straightened!

Here at Lux Dental in Leicestershire, we’re proud to be fully certified Invisalign® providers, offering the latest techniques and most advanced systems.

Using custom fitted clear aligner trays, we will produce a beautiful straight smile which you are proud of!





There are many Invisalign® providers out there, and it can be difficult to decide where to go. Ultimately, you should always go with someone who you feel confident with, and who you feel best understands what you are looking for. We would always hope that this is us, but here are a few other reasons why we think you should choose Lux Dental for Invisalign® treatment.
  1. We are full Invisalign® providers – Many dentists are not full providers of Invisalign®. This means they can only treat simple cases and have received less training on the system. At Lux Dental, we are accredited to provide treatment for the majority of cases, including complex ones.
  2. We offer free consultations – We aim to offer everyone the chance to explore how we can help them achieve their goals, free from any pressure to make immediate payments. We think it’s important that everyone has the opportunity to get all the information they need before choosing what treatment to have, and who to have it with.
  3. We offer free whitening – All of our Invisalign® patients receive complimentary home whitening when they finish their treatment.
  4. We provide free follow-up for 1 year – At Lux Dental, we prioritise staying in touch with our patients. Most individuals will visit us for regular check-ups once their treatment ends, but, if they don’t we offer all patients a follow-up appointment at no extra charge.
  5. We offer payment plans – We offer 0% interest finance for all of our treatments.

None of the dentists at Lux Dental are specialists, however, Dr Anjli, who provides most of the orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatments at our practice, has extensive training in this field.

A qualified Six Month Smiles provider, she holds a certificate in Orthodontics from Warwick University. Performing orthodontic treatment at Kettering General Hospital for complex NHS cases in both adults and children, she operates under the supervision of world-renowned specialist orthodontists. Additionally, she has a broad network of highly experienced colleagues, accessing their knowledge base as well.

In short – yes! A lot of our patients have had some form of orthodontic treatment in the past, usually as children, but for a number of reasons their teeth have moved again. There are risks involved when having orthodontic treatment twice (Invisalign® or fixed braces) which will be discussed with you before starting.

Yes. At Lux Dental, we offer a number of teeth straightening treatment options. Invisalign® is a removable system which is discreet, simple and comfortable, which makes it a convenient choice for patients.

However, in certain cases, clear aligners might not be the most effective or preferred option. Dr Anjil is experienced in all forms of teeth straightening systems and will take the time to discuss the options available to you before beginning treatment.

Alternative treatments include Inman Aligners, other aligner systems, Damon braces, Six months smiles, and Quick Straight teeth, to name a few.



Private Fee

Member Fee

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    £ 3000

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    £ 3000


Invisalign® clear aligners, changed regularly as treatment progresses
Regular follow up appointments to track progress of your smile journey
Retainers once treatment is complete



We’ll always be here for you, providing an outstanding experience every time you visit


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